LXD Compose & VmWare #

The mission of this section is try to describe some use cases about using LXD Compose over a VMWare stack to supply production-ready services and help the systemist and developers life.

In particular, over my work experiences I saw a lot of different requirements exposed by my Clients. Just to help the reader I will try to describe in addition of the behavior of the specific use case what are the pro & cons.

The described use cases are:

Vmware-LXD 1:1: this scenario follow the idea of the Kata Containers where are used the VMWare VMs as nodes where install LXD standalone instances where lxd-compose could be configured to delivery the services over 1 container for 1 VM.

Vmware-LXD 1:N: this scenario it’s maybe the more used where inside a VM and a single LXD instance are started more of one container and with different means are exposed service over specific ports, etc.