Nodes #

The node identify the container created to a specific LXD instance defined by the connection attribute available at group level.

The name of the node must be unique inside all loaded environments. In the real the limitation is mandatory only for the same LXD instance, but lxd-compose validate at the moment doesn’t permit to use the same name between different groups or projects.

In particular, inside the node you could define:

  • name: the name of the container used inside the LXD container instance

  • name_prefix: an optional attribute to define the prefix to use on the name of the node. Normally, this is used at runtime to run test unites and it’s set by the CLI.

  • image_source: the name of the image to use for create the container.

  • image_remote_server: an optional attribute to define the name of the remote where to search the used source image. By default it’s used Canonical images server if P2P mode is disabled.

  • labels: an optional attribute to define key values field of the specific node that are then set as environment variables of the hooks executed for the node.

  • source_dir: an optional attribute to define the source directory to use in the join with the configuration files to use with the template engine or for the files/directories to sync.

  • entrypoint: an optional attribute to define the entrypoint to use on run command inside the container. By default it’s used /bin/bash -c.

  • hooks: an optional attribute to define the list of hooks to apply.

  • config_templates: an optional attribute to define the list of configuration files to generate through the template engine.

  • sync_resources: an optional attribute to define the list of files or directories to sync from the host where is running lxd-compose to the container.

An example of a node section:

          - &mongors1
            name: mongo-rs1
            image_source: "ubuntu/18.04"
            # By deafult it use remote images"
            image_remote_server: "images"

              - "/bin/bash"
              - "-c"

            # Define the list of LXD Profile to use in additional
            # to group profiles for create the containers
            #  - privileged

            # List of commands executed just after the creation of the
            # container.

              - event: post-node-creation
                  # DHCP seems slow
                  - sleep 5
                  - apt-get update
                  - apt-get upgrade -y
                  - apt-get install wget gpg ca-certificates jq -y
                  - |
                    wget -q -O /usr/bin/yq \
                  - chmod a+x /usr/bin/yq
                  - apt-get clean

              - event: post-node-creation
                  - apt-get install -y $(echo ${packages} | jq '.[]' -r)
                  - apt-get clean

            # The path files is under the directory of the
            # environment file.
              - source: files/
                dst: /tmp/

          - <<: *mongors1
            name: mongo-rs2

          - <<: *mongors1
            name: mongo-rs3
On setup multiple nodes of the same group with the same configuration options you can to use the YAML ancors and to reduce the specification.