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Welcome to Mottainai docs

Build powerful, flexible and decentralized pipelines playable locally. Manage, Publish and release your task's produced content.

Mottainai is a Task Distributed, Continous Integration and Delivery system - it allows you to build, test, deploy and manage content built from custom tasks from different nodes in a network. You can hook specific tasks to Git repositories in a CI style, or either directly execute pipelines or production tasks in safe environments.

It supports different brokering backends: AMQP, Redis, Memcache, AWS SQS, DynamoDB, Google Pub/Sub and MongoDB.

It was developed for building and releasing packages for Linux Distributions, it is used by Sabayon Linux to produce and orchestrate builds of community repositories and to build LiveCDs - but it's suitable for every workflow which is artefact-oriented. For more, see also the Official Gentoo project page.

Warning: This is still alpha software - API is not stable and subject to constant changes still.

Getting started

First steps to start to build!